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Cloud Services


As enterprises migrate more services and applications to the Cloud, they face a growing number of operational and management challenges. Cloud service providers offer a wide variety of solutions to address these challenges, but choosing the right partner is imperative.
Most cloud service providers offer enterprise solutions for cloud networking and security, providing tools for enterprises to improve data security and access to web applications. But the best cloud service providers also offer comprehensive solutions for application deployment, delivery and acceleration, as well as tools that give the enterprise greater visibility and insight into the experience of end-users.
For enterprises that want to take full advantage of all of the benefits the cloud has to offer, GS TECKNO offers  hybrid, private, and public cloud solutions with stronger service-level agreements (SLAs), better customer service, and proven expertise. Configurations range from on-premises, managed cloud to off-premises public cloud solutions. When you connect with GS TECKNO Cloud Service Providers, you combine what you do best with what they do best, giving you superior solutions and competitive advantage.
GS TECKNO Cloud Service Providers deliver services to help you deploy IT-as-a-service solutions faster and gain the financial advantage of greater efficiency, control, and choice.